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Short Stories


I hope you enjoy my short stories. Some will make you laugh, some will make you smile, and a couple may evoke a tear or two. All will, I hope, entertain.


Let's pretend we're sitting outside under a starry summer sky�


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"Through the Rose Garden"


Allison's life changes completely after she sees the unicorn in her rose garden.




Paula was my best friend in the first grade. This true story celebrates the enduring power of our friendship.



Though this tribute to my mother is fiction, the emotions are true.

"Beware of Inanimate Objects!"


Is your attic plotting your demise? Can you trust the bicycle you ride trustingly every day? Do you dare walk through your doorway?


"My Sister, the 10K Azalea Run and My Aching Legs"


The first time I ran a 10K race was excruciating. I did survive to write about it, but there for a while, it was touch and go.

"Next Year I'm Walking to California."


Anyone who's flown on a major airline in the last decade can relate to this tale of torture and agony.

"The Process of Aging Gets a Bum Rap"


Think everything about growing old totally sucks? Yeah, it pretty much does, but here's a different slant on wrinkles and AARP.

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